Clark's Cutting Edge Inc.

How Delivery Works

Where do you deliver?

We deliver up to a 100 mile radius of Remington, IN including: Wolcott, Goodland, Kentland, Rensselaer, Fowler, Brook, Earl Park, Reynolds, Monon, Monticello, Morocco, Lake Village, Demotte, Wheatfield, Francesville, Lafayette, West Lafayette, Battleground, Mt. Ayr, and Dayton.

We also delivery to Illinois including: Watseka, Bourbonnais, Kankakee, Bradley, Milford, Woodland, Sheldon, Donovan, Gilman, and Crescent City.

For delivery over 100 miles from Remington, please call us at (219) 261-2861 for pricing.

Do you charge a fuel surcharge?

Due to the significant increase in gas prices, effective March 25, 2022 we will charge a fuel surcharge of $5.00 on all deliveries except for zip codes 47977, 47948, and 47995. This fuel surcharge will stay in effect until gas prices are at $3.99/gallon or less.

How much does delivery cost?

Remington (in town limits)$30
Remington (out of town limits)$40
Rensselaer (South)$55
Rensselaer (North of Vine St.)$60
Monticello/Monon/Earl Park/Francesville$75
Morocco/Demotte/Mt. Ayr/Battleground$90
Lafayette/West Lafayette/Wheatfield$95
Lafayette (47909 zip code)$105

How much can you delivery per trip?

We can haul up to 15 yards of mulch per trip and up to 4 yards (6 ton) of rock or stone per trip. We can deliver up to 5 yards of dirt or sand per trip. We are able to deliver up to 6 yards of dirt or sand within a 20 mile range of Remington.

What if I need more product than you can deliver in one trip?

Our delivery fee is charged per trip. If more than one trip is required, we will charge the same delivery fee for each trip. Direct haul from our vendors can be scheduled for mulch over 80 yards and gravel or stone over 15 yards (or 23 ton). Please call our office at (219) 261-2861 for pricing on direct hauls.

Can you deliver to multiple locations on the same trip?

Yes. There is a $25.00 fee per dump plus $3.25 per loaded mile between locations.

Where can you put the product on my property?

As long as our truck can fit, we can usually back into the desired area you would like the product to be dropped. Typically, the smallest area we can fit our truck would be 10 feet wide x 13 feet high. We will not drive through grassy areas (lawns) if it is wet/muddy at the risk of damaging the grass. We can only drop product once and will not do a “moving drop”.

Will dyed products stain my concrete?

If a dyed product is being dropped on concrete or similar surfaces, we recommend putting down a tarp first. While the dye will wash out with soap and water, putting down a tarp will save you an extra step.