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Not sure how much product you need? No problem! Use our product calculator and tips below to help.

Figuring Your Dimensions

Most landscape beds aren’t a distinct rectangular or circle. Even if your bed has an irregular shape, you can still treat it as a basic rectangle or circle when figuring your dimensions. To calculate how much product you will need, simply measure the length and width of the area you are working with, or the radius if the area is a circle.

From there, plug in the length, width, and depth you want into our product calculator below to find how many yards of of product you will need. If you are unsure how to measure your area, here are some examples of irregular shaped landscape beds to give you an idea how you would measure them to find the square footage.


Figuring Depth Needed

Once you’ve found the length and width (or radius) of the area, you will need to decide how deep you want your product. For landscape beds, new mulch should be applied at 3 inches deep. If you are touching up existing mulch, applying it 1-2 inches deep is recommended.

For decorative rock or stone in a landscape bed, you typically apply new stone 2 inches deep and 1 inch deep for touching up existing product.

If you are applying product for a specific project such as a playground, swimming pool, or construction project we highly recommend you reference the manufacturer or contractor for additional information.

Figuring Product Amount

Once you have your square footage and you know how deep you need to apply your product, use one of our calculators below to figure how much product you will need for your project!

Enter your dimensions

Enter your dimensions


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