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Did you know that applying any form of fertilizer, weed killer, or pesticide in a professional capacity required a pesticide application license? Not only is a company required to hold a pesticide business licence, but the individual employees completing the application must also hold a state license.

Clark's Cutting Edge Inc. is a licensed pesticide business with over 15 years experience in the fertilization and weed control industry. All of our full time technicians hold their individual state license. Combined our team of experienced technicians hold five licenses with the Office of Indiana State Chemist. We know not all lawns are one-size-fits all, which is why our team is here to help you decide which fertilization and weed control program is best for you! Trust the experts to help your lawn achieve the best results!

Our Packages

Choosing a weed and feed program shouldn't be complicated! Clark's Cutting Edge Inc. offers five basic fertilization and weed control packages based on the primary problems and needs we see in our geographical area. We work closely with our vendors to ensure we are using only the highest quality products when treating your lawn.

Our Add-Ons

In addition to our packages, we have several add-on options to further tailor your lawncare treatment to fit your specific needs.


Have a lawncare problem you just can't solve? This is where hiring an experienced company like Clark's is beneficial. Our knowledge and experience combined with our relationships with industry partners makes us the go-to company for even the toughest problems. If you have a concern not included in one of our packages, we'd love to help create a customized plan tailored specifically for your lawn.

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