Clark's Cutting Edge Inc.

Seeding Limited Warranty

Clark’s Cutting Edge would like to thank you for choosing us as your preferred landscape and lawncare company. Your satisfaction as our customer is of upmost importance to us, which is why we provide a limited warranty on plant materials purchased and installed by us.

Limited Seeding Warranty

Clark’s Cutting Edge warrants that all work will be done by professional personnel and that all materials used will be of the highest quality obtainable. We use only certified premium seed and guarantee a stand of grass that is uniform and consistent after complete seed germination on acceptable soils. CCE will supply care and maintenance information that the customer needs to comply with for a quality stand of grass. Clark’s Cutting Edge agrees to reseed any areas that have not developed as described above (method used shall be our option) within the warranty period at no expense to the customer. This warranty is for a period of sixty (60) days from installation. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Clark’s Cutting Edge within that period for any warranty work to be acted upon. Our warranty period is based on a seed germination occurring between 1 and 3 weeks depending on variety and the customer following the proper cultural practices.

What is not covered under our Limited Seeding Warranty:

Damage/Death caused by:
  • Vandalism
  • “Acts of God”/abnormal weather conditions beyond our control, including but not limited to: excessive rain, flooding, damaging winds, and early/late seasonal conditions
  • Improper watering (over or under watering)
  • Washouts, relocation, or ponding caused by excessive watering or hard rains
  • Animals/pets, children, vehicles, and equipment
  • Original work installed by CCE that is subsequently repaired, adjusted, or modified by an individual or entity other than CCE
  • Improper fertilizing and/or chemical applications
  • Moss, fungus, or insects
  • Bare patches due to puddling, guttering, runoff from roads or driveways or damage from dogs, children, or equipment is not included.
  • Additionally:
  • CCE does not accept responsibility for any weeds that may occur in existing soil or topsoil.
  • Seeding work completed with seed NOT provided by CCE
  • CCE will not warranty any work in which the customer opts out of any step deemed necessary by us for a successful stand of grass.
  • Seeding completed in May-August will not be covered under this warranty. CCE recommends all seeding being completed in early Spring or late Fall for best results.
  • Care and Maintenance Clause

    It is understood and agreed that the customer must follow the care and maintenance recommendations included in this warranty and is responsible for proper watering. Further, if the lawn is found in a dry state that this warranty is null and void. The following attachments were given to you along with this warranty pursuant to the specific needs of the plant materials installed:

    Seed Care Instructions

    • Initial Watering: The first watering should be heavy, wetting the soil to a depth of 6-8 inches. This will allow developing roots to better penetrate the soil. Daily waterings will also be more effective with a heavy initial watering. Care should be taken to not allow runoff
    • First Three Weeks: Daily watering is recommended for the first 3 weeks. The objective is to keep the surface moist. The amount of water applied each time will be small. However, in hot weather, two or three daily waterings may be necessary. If you are only able to water once on a given day, midday is often best.
    • Fourth Week: As the seedlings develop, the surface may be allowed to dry out, but the root zone must still be kept moist. Change from light daily waterings to heavier waterings every other day.
    • Fifth Week: Two heavy waterings to maintain soil moisture for root development and later germinating seedlings
    • Sixth Week: At this point, resume normal watering procedures for your lawn. 1” of water each week will provide adequate growing moisture for excellent lawn performance.
    • When will I see new growth? Air & ground temperature, available moisture, and sunlight affect the germination times of seed. Most ryegrass and fescue will germinate in 7-14 days. Kentucky bluegrass germinates in about 20-25 days
    • When can I mow? Seeded areas with existing grass can be mowed as needed. Do not let clippings accumulate on the lawn, as smothering of new seedlings may occur.
    • What about weeds? New seedlings can be harmed by weed control. Weed control should be applied a minimum of two weeks prior to seeding. Once the grass is strong enough to handle traffic, broadleaf weeds can be killed (typically after you’ve mowed the new turf 3 times). Crabgrass control/pre-emergent should be avoided altogether until the second year. It is normal for some weeds to grow whenever the soil has been disturbed. Pre-emergent should be avoided altogether if you are considering Spring seeding.

    Implementing your Limited Seeding Warranty

    It is the responsibility of the customer to contact Clark’s Cutting Edge at the first sign of concern. Report concerns to our office at (219) 261-2861 or by email at Please include your name, phone number, and a brief description of your concerns. If possible, please include pictures of the affected area. While we understand and value the report you may have built with a specific employee with our company, we kindly request you contact the office with any warranty related concerns. You must contact CCE within the sixty (60) day warranty period for the warranty to be valid. Warranty work will be completed as scheduled by CCE and during optimal season for the scope of work.

    Additional Warranty Information

    The foregoing is the sole warranty for seeding work completed by Clark’s Cutting Edge. CCE is not liable for any other warranties, expressed or implied, orally or in writing, by any CCE employee. The terms of this warranty can only be amended by a CCE owner. Said amendments must be completed in writing, with signature approval by both the CCE owner and customer. There will be no cash refunds and the customer agrees to allow CCE the opportunity to implement the terms of this warranty. Warranty is void on any past due accounts.