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Improve Your Lawns Appearance and Health

Planting grass seed or installing sod is an easy and economical way to improve the aesthetic your lawn as well as provide erosion control. When choosing a company to help you meet your lawncare goals, be sure to choose a company that is knowledgeable about the process, only uses the best quality products, and is experienced in completing the work. CCE specializes in new and reseeding, overseeding (also known as interseeding), and sod installation.

Plan it Out

Our goal is to create a beautiful, long lasting, healthy lawn for the most affordable cost. Sometimes achieving this goal is a simple process, other times it may take multiple steps to reach this goal. We complete an on-site evaluation with every estimate. This initial meeting allows us to inspect the lawn to see if any additional steps may be needed along with the seed or sod installation, such as grading, adding topsoil, soil testing, or even pest and insecticide control. After this meeting, a team member will provide you with a detailed estimate and plan to achieving a great looking lawn!

Use the Right Product

At Clark’s Cutting Edge, we only use the highest quality grass seed and sod products. We believe that the key to a successful lawn often times lies in the product being applied, which is why we only work with the top vendors in the Midwest. We also use a wide range of grass seed blends and mixes consisting of various types of grass because no two lawns are the same. What grass seed worked for your neighbor may not work for you due to a variety of variables such as sun exposure, foot traffic, or care requirements!

Timing is Key

The best time to plant grass seed is early Spring or Mid-late Fall. Cool-season grasses found in the Midwest grow best during these times. Sod is a little hardier and can be installed later, but with any seed or sod installation, watering is crucial to success.

Always Installed Properly

Applying grass seed or sod is more than just putting down the product. The soil needs to be broken up and level to create a proper bed. Sometimes, old sod needs to be removed or additional topsoil brought in. After we’ve prepped the ground, we apply grass seed evenly throughout the area and add starter fertilizer to encourage growth. Finally we cultipack the ground to help the seed establish. We also encourage adding straw blankets and crimping them help retain moisture. Sod should be pulled tight and flat when installed. Sod pieces should be staggered, with tight but not overlapping seams. We always purchase sod within 24 hours of installation to ensure we receive the healthiest pieces!

Achieve Success with Proper Maintenance

After we have completed your work, you will receive detailed care & maintenance information as well as a copy of our seeding and sod warranty. We are always available to answer any questions you may have as well!

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