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Pest Control

Critters such as moles, voles, and gophers can wreak havoc on lawns. There are several ways to control pests on your property, depending on the type of pest, why they are present, and how determined they are!


The best way to prevent the presence of moles in your yard is to eliminate their food source. Moles are insectivores, so they feed on insects, such as earthworms and grubs. Moles create extensive runways underground and volcanic like mounds above ground. You may also notice surface tunnels or ridges on your lawn's surface. It is this digging that destroys plant roots, bulbs, and grass. Applying an annual grub control will not only rid your lawn of destructive insects, but will also eliminate a key food source for moles and their litters. Repellents, barriers, and lined trenches are less successful remedies.

Voles and Gophers

Voles and gophers feed on vegetation, not insects, so grub control is not an effective course of action against these pests. Voles tunnel near the surface of lawns creating runways, whereas gophers dig deep tunnels that can destroy underground utility cables and irrigation systems. Voles prefer to feed on grass stems, roots, bark, bulbs, and seedlings. Gophers also enjoy roots and grass along with herbaceous plants, shrubs, and lawn weeds. Regular lawn mowing and trimming, weed control, keeping landscape and flower beds cleaned up, and trimming shrubs and discourages their presence by providing less protection and limiting their food source. Raised garden beds, wire mesh around plants, and repellents are additional ways to deter vole and gopher activity.


While eliminating their food source typically deters the majority of pests, some determined critters will still linger. A traditional trap or catch and release trap highly effective in stopping moles, voles, and gophers from damaging your lawn.

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